Luigi Mario, from the third show.

Luigi Mario is the taller, yet younger brother of Mari

. In most video games, he is often described as a coward, but in Smash Brothers 3000, he gets more attention than Mario.

Relationships and aliasesEdit

Eneryone knows Luigi is dating Daisy, but it was revealed in the first show that Peach was dating Luigi and cheating on Mario. In the second show, Luigi was shown having an affair with Pikachu (whom he despises so dreadfully). From the third show onward, Luigi had many aliases. Two actually, Olimar and Mr. L.

From Hero to VillainEdit

In the third show, Luigi said that there was a person stalking him. He then disguised himself as Olimar to cover up the evidence. In the fourth show, Luigi crossed over onto the Dark Squad as Mr. L, making him a villain.